Herndon Toddlers

Herndon And Maroa

321 West Herndon Avenue
Pinedale, CA 93704
(559) 435-2901


 Infant/Toddler Program

Dermer’s Creative Care herndon location combines the infant/toddler program,
it is created for children six weeks to twenty four months of age. This program offers gentle consistent care that encourages children to trust others and move towards independent behavior. Inside and out of the classroom presents toddlers with the opportunity to explore and be curious safely.  A day with Dermer’s Toddler’s follows a routine, there will be a lot of talking to encourage language, playing to develop social skills, dancing and movement exploration to provide fitness and coordination, and repetition of many stories and songs to promote early reading skills and comprehension.  Dermer’s Toddler program provides hands on messy experiences and this age group finds that amazing.  Everyday will provide the toddlers with consistency, a new challenge,  as well as a special achievement.