Chestnut Toddlers

Chestnut and Shepherd

8855 North Chestnut Avenue
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Toddlers Monthly Calendars

At the beginning of each month a project and event calendar is provided for the parents of the Chestnut Toddler’s class. Information for this class room can be found in your child’s cubby, posted on the information board in the class room  or by clicking the picture.




Toddlers Monthly Menus

Dermer’s understand good nutrition and tasty meals promote healthy bodies and minds. We provide age appropriate Morning Snacks, Lunch and After Noon Snacks.  Monthly menus are posted on this site, in each classrooms and given to parents (child’s cubby).  If desired meals can be changed or opted out by parental direction






 Toddlers Monthly Newsletters

At the beginning of each month parents receive a newsletter covering some of the most important upcoming issues.  Notification or requirements for events, classroom activities and assignments as well as any special seasonal or holiday themes.





Classroom Photos

They say ” a picture’s worth a thousand words.” Check here for our online photo albums with current and archived pictures and videos class room activities and special events.