About us

Philosophy & Approach


Dermer’s Creative Care was created in March of 1982. “Dermer’s Creative Care too!” our second location opened in the summer of 2003. Although our program has grown, Dermer’s is that same family owned and operated preschool, that offers a high quality educational program with a lot of individual love and attention. Our philosophy also remains the same, we believe that the preschool years are very special ones, especially in terms of child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. These years are characterized by the child striving for autonomy, and becoming aware of himself as well as others. It is with this in mind that we have created our special program where your child is free to be himself in a happy, safe and creative learning atmosphere. Because our children are our most important asset, it is important that you feel comfortable discussing with us any problems or concerns that you may have in regard to our program.

Staff Criteria


Our staff members at Dermer’s Creative Care Schools are hired on the basis of their training, experience, personality, professional attitude and academic competence, as well as their warmth and understanding of children. It is important that they share the belief that the child is important as an individual, and provide positive encouragement in their areas of growth. Our staff model expected behavior and use positive methods of discipline which encourages self-control, self direction, self esteem, and cooperation among the children. By setting reasonable limits, we help the children understand what is expected of them. Our goal is to give the children a sense of security in knowing we care enough to protect them from harming themselves or others, and to provide each with a positive school experience by encouraging success and minimizing failure.