Summer Fun

Water Play Days

We will have wading pools, sprinklers, and water tables set up for the children to play in during their morning recess. The days designated for water play will be rotated Tuesday through Friday so all will be included.

On these days, your child should come to school dressed in their swim suit and bring a complete set of clothes and a towel in a plastic bag. We will change them after recess into their dry clothes and send home their wet suit and towel in the plastic bag. Please label your child’s towel with their name and include shoes in their bag if they wear water shoes to school that morning.

Due to the importance of proper application and necessary safely precautions when using sun screen, Dermer’s requires parents to fill out our parental request for medication form. Remember to put a beginning and ending date on the form. On these hot summer water play days it is appreciated if you apply sun screen at home and we can re-apply as you request.

If you would prefer that your child not participate in water play, just let their teachers know.